Virginia Burns


Welcome to Rejoice Incorporated, where God's word is joyfully celebrated and incorporated into everyday life. Join me as I share God's grace through speaking - writing - consulting and blogging.

My life changed when I saw my name on a headstone and realized it could have been me. She was beaten to death in the womb and born broken. I was beaten and abused in my flesh and spirit, then reborn in Christ. One man changed both our lives for all eternity. Someday, we will come face to face in Heaven. Until then, His grace is sufficient. 

God is calling you to a life that is infinitely more beautiful and breathtaking than anything this world has to offer. Come. Walk boldly into His perfect plan for your life. Sit at His feet and learn. Let the Holy Spirit sift your world through His healing words. His message is so sweetly simple. No matter what your circumstances. God will always be there for you. His love for you is the greatest story ever told.

Grab hold of God's grace,

Virginia Burns
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